Frequently Asked Questions

What does post-processing (Editing) include?

All of my post-processing happens in Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Photoshop. Each image undergoes colour balancing, sharpening, additional light touchups if necessary, noise reduction and a light blemish touchup. My goal is always to make each image look it’s best without compromising your natural beauty. Additional editing is given to select images to give them a little something more. Your final digital images will be edited using the same standard that you will find on the Karitas website.

How many images will I receive?

Typically you will receive approximately 60 images per hour of wedding coverage. This number varies depending on how much time is spent traveling from location to location or any restrictions found at different locations. When I meet with you I will give you recommendations for your wedding day timeline to ensure your day goes smoothly and allows for maximum number of images. 

What happens if/when we need to cancel our wedding or session. Can we get our deposit back?

Unfortunately not. While I hold the specific date for you, it’s very likely that I’ve turned down other clients for the date that was held for you. Nevertheless, the retainer/deposit is held as a credit for up to one year so you can reschedule.

What is the time frame for when our images will be ready?

Weddings take 6-10 weeks during. You will get some previews e-mailed within 48 hours of your date to tide you over! I always aim to be as quick as possible as I know it’s hard when you’re looking forward to them, however, my first priority is amazing quality and that takes time. Engagement Lifestyle Sessions take between 1-3 weeks, depending on the season.

What are your travel costs?

For sessions I travel within Windsor and surrounding area (25km radius) free of charge. Travel beyond that is a flat rate of $30 within Essex County. For weddings that incur travelling to the county, a flat rate of $50 is charged. Any travel beyond Essex county incurs additional mileage costs as well as overnight stay if necessary. Please inquire for further details.

How long have you been photographing weddings?

I photographed my first wedding in the Summer of 2007 and haven’t looked back! I love the challenge of changing light and multiple locations that you don’t see if you stay in a studio.

Will you sell the raw files at a lower price?

No, I don't ever sell raw images. The style and standard of the edited image is part of the brand. Every image released has been edited and jpeg formatted with special care and I still hold onto the copyright. I believe in the art of photography and it's important to me that I follow each piece through to the end. If you want to see some examples of before and after editing to see, shoot me a message!

Do you sell just digitals or products?

Although I will sell digitals proofs on their own, my aim is always amazing quality. I have spend many hours... months... even years searching for the right pro labs and products that showcase my work the best. You will find a variety of heirloom products and printed art through Karitas. Inquire for a full product list.

What is the added incentive to print through you?

You will received a print release with your digital files which will allow you to take your images to your printing location of choice. This is a convenience for your future when you want family to have additional prints and backup prints in case of fire etc. as well as having images to post all over the internet. When choosing images for Wall Art to showcase in your home, I always recommend that you choose to print with Karitas Photography. Wall Art images will receive special retouching (blemish removal, eye enhancement, teeth whitening, skin softening, wrinkle reduction, and in some cases additional manipulation) where necessary or upon request. As well you are guaranteed professional cropping as well as all images are printed on professional quality photo paper. If you choose to print your images elsewhere, I can not be responsible for any colour errors.

I have also found throughout the last 8 years of digital photography that many of my clients lose their disc or usb. The best way to ensure that you images aren't misplaced is to have them hanging in your own gallery, your home. In case of a fire, most people won't go searching for that USB in a drawer somewhere, they'll grab their children, their pets and the album sitting on their coffee table. 

Do you work from a shot list?

Honestly, no. I have worked so many weddings that I am very familiar with a traditional shot lost and as long as everything is available and ready, it will be photographed. I also make sure to take notes of all of your special requests to ensure they don't get missed. 

If you have a question that you don’t see on this list, please feel free to ask away.

I’m looking forward to spending this time working with you to ensure your memories are captured and your story is told beautifully.

Kindly, Emma