About Me


I'm Emma, the lead photographer and owner at Karitas Photography. I'm pretty lucky, my job includes taking photos (which I adore!), meeting new people, and helping you capture memories that you and your family can treasure for generations. My style of photography can be described as natural but I also love a fabulous "wall hanger". I like to photograph things as they are. A true story includes all of the messy parts, along with the beautiful. 

My inspiration is found in every day life. My family, friends, this beautiful world we live in. I love working a good story, but my main goal in it all is to capture you. I'd love to show you how I see people and the world.

I am married to my best friend who is an incredible man and we have two little loud and adorable children together. They inspire me daily to be better and to remember the important things in life. 

On my spare time I love to grow organic food, watch too much television and read fiction. 

If you think we may be a good fit, feel free to send me an e-mail and we can start planning!